Q: Does the PBR handle all sizes and types of propane bottles?

A: Yes! Generally, we make the PBR bottle header to accept standard propane bottles with one bottle station adjustable to receive the tall skinny bottles.  We also have an auxillary hose that can be adapted to any size bottle so they can be evacuated one at a time.

We can also custom build the PBR to any bottles the customer requests.

Q: Can the crushed bottles be recycled for steel?

A: Yes! All of our customers so far have been able to find a steel recycler that will accept the punctured, crushed steel cylinders.

Q: Can the PBR evacuate one bottle at a time?

A: Yes! The PBR can evacuate 1 bottle at a time or 6 bottles simultaneously and anywhere in between.

Q:  How many bottles can the PBR empty and crush in a day?

A: That depends...  While we don't operate the machines, we understand that production is approximately 800 bottles in a day.  This is highly subjective due to the condition of bottles (i.e. how dirty they are, how full they are, etc.)