Through a partnership with Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone and Grand Teton concessioners, the Yellowstone Park Foundation, and several private entities, there is now a program for collecting and recycling propane cylinders in the greater Yellowstone area. The Propane Bottle Recycler (PBR), a mobile propane cylinder recycling unit, is now being utilized to recycle an estimated 20,000, small, one-pound propane cylinders discarded in the greater Yellowstone area each year. The recycling function of this unit is twofold —the PBR is powered by propane that is extracted from the canisters and recycled; the canisters are then flattened to be recycled into steel. . As a result of the success of this unit, other national and state parks, as well as Canadian parks have instituted this program. The unit operates 80% of the time on recovered propane from the cylinders. Great project! Mountain States Environmental has been great to work with!! Quotes
— Jim Evanoff, Environmental Protection Specialist